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How to buy Litecoin quickly and safely

Buying Litecoin is a good idea for short- and long-term investments. With the dizzying growth of the crypto industry and the development of decentralized finance, the list of tokens and coins has grown to the number that even experienced traders cannot remember all the names and projects. If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies but don’t want to invest in new assets, buy Litecoin. It is a cryptocurrency with a successful history of over ten years, long ranked in the top 3 coins by market capitalization. Unlike Bitcoin and Ether, the LTC exchange rate is more stable and therefore has less volatility, and the price allows you to buy more coins for long-term storage.

You can buy Litecoin in Ukraine right on this page by filling in a simple short request.

Why you should buy Litecoin

The first cryptocurrency fork took place in 2011. Its founder is Charles Lee, a well-known developer in the crypto community, and an ex-employee of Google and Coinbase. The coin, called digital silver, is popular among investors and traders. It is also widely used as a means of payment. Thanks to more than a decade of history, LTC is trusted by merchants as a payment unit. It is beneficial to buy or sell goods or services for Litecoin in Ukraine because of the low transaction fees. It makes the coin a good alternative to Bitcoin and Ethereum for day-to-day settlements. Another reason is the faster confirmation of a transaction due to the frequent generation of blocks – as a result of supporting more transactions. Unlike Bitcoin with a maximum supply of 21 million coins, LTC has a total supply of 84 million.

It is worth buying Litecoin if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies in small amounts and accumulate funds.

How to buy Litecoin for hryvnias and store safely

There are different wallet options available for storing LTC, as well as other cryptocurrencies:

  • cold (hardware) – Ledger, Trezor;
  • hot (online) – Jaxx, Exodus, Loafwallet (developed by Charlie Lee himself);
  • stock exchange wallets.

There is also a “native” Litecoin Core wallet if you want to buy Litecoin and download the entire blockchain to your computer, as well as a special Electrum Litecoin. In the first case, you will need a large amount of free memory on the device, while the second is a lightweight desktop version. However, the official wallet has an additional advantage – the ability to mine LTC. The coin can also be mined using ASIC, CPU, and GPU.

We can help you buy Litecoin without worrying about your safety.

We do not give specific recommendations. Before you buy Litecoin, check out suitable storage options because the choice of cryptocurrency wallet depends on the safety of funds.

Where to buy Litecoin

You can buy Litecoin in Ukraine quickly, easily, and safely at our cryptocurrency exchanger. We offer cryptocurrency exchange for popular destinations, as well as for not very popular ones – upon request to the support service. Qualified client service managers will prompt the available options and professionally accompany the transaction, following the principles of privacy and confidentiality of clients. The rate for online and offline exchanges is formed according to the market offer and contains no hidden commissions. Among our advantages:

  • multicurrency of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies for conversion;
  • open data on reserves;
  • convenient cash points;
  • clear service and concise design;
  • checkout of incoming transactions;
  • geographical freedom – wide coverage of cities and the ability to buy and sell crypto with MasterCard and VISA;
  • high speed of registration and processing of the request;
  • security of operations.

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