• What is Crybex?

      Crybex – is an online service for exchanging virtual assets and fiat currencies. Our service is designed for fast and reliable cryptocurrency exchange on the Internet. We also have a service of exchanging cryptocurrency for cash.

    • Does your service have an affiliate program?

      Yes, our service has an affiliate program. Attract new users and get rewarded for every exchange they make. For more details on the rules of affiliate program you can read in the tab affiliate program in your personal cabinet.

    • I don’t always have the opportunity to use a computer. Does your service have a mobile version?

      Yes, our service has a mobile version. You can take full advantage of our services even from your cell phone.

    • What feedback channels do you have?

      You can use the support operator on our website or email him at Telegram. You can also find us on social networks Twitter and Instagram. Topics about our service are posted on such popular cryptocurrency forums. You can learn more about them on this page

    • What is the processing time of your service?

      Usually it takes up to 15 minutes from the moment of payment. On weekends, national holidays, as well as after-hours, the service performs exchanges in free mode. The exception is cash exchange directions.

    • How to make an exchange above the limit?

      If you need to make an exchange above the limit, please contact our operator via Telegram @crybex_support.

    • What should I do if I encounter difficulties or errors in the exchange process?

      In case of problems with our service, check if you are following the instructions given by us. If this does not help to solve the problem, you should contact our support operator on our website or at Telegram.

    • What happens if I mistakenly send an amount that is higher/lower than the amount specified in the application?

      In this case, the amount payable will be recalculated according to the amount sent by the client. Recalculation will be performed at the rate that was fixed at the time of creating the order.

    • How might the results of the AML check affect the exchange?

      According to the rules of the service, we are obliged to prevent any fraudulent, as well as illegal actions, using the service. If the results of verification show a risk over 80%, your application can be temporarily suspended until further verification. So we ask our users to be careful and check their wallets and funds.

    • Why did my application get deleted status?

      – Your request automatically gets this status if payment has not been made within 30 minutes after creation;
      – If you have paid the request, but it is still in remote status, it means that your transaction has not had time to receive confirmation from the network within 30 minutes after creation. In this case the problem is that you have set a low network fee. It is worth contacting the operator to avoid problems with further processing of the request.

    • Executed payment on the request, but the request still has the status of “Accepted, awaiting payment by the client”. What should I do?

      If you are sure that you have paid the request, it will definitely be fulfilled. But if you do not receive payment on the application for a long time, it makes sense to write to the support of our service, after which the payment will be checked manually, and the application will be processed as soon as possible.

    • What if I gave the wrong details/wallet?

      If you notice an error in the requisites, be sure to contact our support. A letter will be sent to the email specified when creating the application, which will describe your next steps. After completing all the requirements, details will be updated, respectively, the payment will be made to the current account.

    • Do I have to write a valid e-mail when I create an application?

      Having a valid email greatly simplifies communication with the client, as well as solving any problems related to the exchange. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you specify a valid email address that you have access to.

    • Is it possible to pay for an application with multiple transactions?

      No. The application must be paid in one transaction.

    • Is registration required on your site?

      We don’t obligate our users to register, but it may be required for larger amounts. If the exchange amount exceeds 30,000 hryvnias, you will need to register.

    • Why do I need to register on your site?

      Registration on our website will make it faster and more convenient to make exchanges. Once you have filled in the data in “Personal Area”, your data for the exchange will be filled in automatically.

    • How do I activate my pin code when logging in to the site?

      – Go to your Personal profile;
      – Enter your Telegram username in the “Telegram” field. Save the data;
      – Go to Security Settings;
      – sеlect “Yes” in the “Authorization by Pin Code (Telegram)” field;
      – Join our Telegram bot @crybex_bot;
      – Warning! Messages come only in Telegram from our bot @crybex_bot.

    • Does your site require verification?

      We do not oblige our users to verify, but it may be required for larger amounts.

    • Why do I need verification on your site?

      Verification on our website will make it faster and more convenient to make exchanges. Once you have filled in the data in “Personal profile”, your data for the exchange will be filled in automatically.

    • How does the process of bank card verification work?

      In order to pass the account verification process, the first thing you must do is register on the website. If you are not a registered user yet, be sure to register.

      After registration you should go to your personal cabinet. In the personal office you need to go to “Your accounts” section. The next step is to add an account. Using the drop-down list, sеlect the type of your account. If you need to verify your Monobank card, choose “Monobank UAH”. Then enter the card number and save the account by pressing the “Save” button. After refreshing the page you will see the previously added account. The verification status will be shown next to the account type: “pass verification”, if the account hasn’t been verified yet, and “verified”, if the account has been successfully verified.
      To verify your account, click the “Verify” link. After completing this action, you will see a detailed description of the verification procedure, the requirements for the files needed for verification, and a form for uploading files with a button to confirm your request.
      In order to pass the verification procedure successfully, you have to send a photo of your card, where the first and the last 4 characters of the account should be visible (the other data can be closed, without using photo editors), and the verification page on our website, which is open on one of the devices. If you can’t take a photo with the exchanger’s site open in the background, you can put a white sheet with the name of our service and the date under the card.
      Attach the photo and confirm your request.
      Please note that processing of your verification request may take some time. To speed up this process, please contact a technical support operator.

    • How to take part in the action and get 150 UAH?

      Each of you can take part in the action all you need to do:

      1. 1) make an exchange using our service;
      2. 2) go to the link and leave a positive review of Crybex’s work, specify the order number and email in your review;
      3. 3) сonfirm the review. To do this, click on the link that will be emailed after the review is published (be sure to check your ‘spam’ folder);
      4. 4) contact the operator in telegram, provide the order number, email.
      5. 5) receive a reward of 150 UAH to a Ukrainian bank card or mobile operator account.

    • What is the exchange procedure for Visa/MasterCard UAH – Tether USDT ERC-20?

      Coming soon…

    • How does USDT – Cash USD exchange work?

      Coming soon…

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