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Reliable way to buy Ripple – on Crybex

XRP is a native coin of the Ripple protocol, which for a long time has had significant popularity in the cryptocurrency community. One of the original purposes of the payment systеm of the same name is to exchange currencies without chargebacks and to present an alternative method of bank settlements. You can buy Ripple for trading, as an investment, as well as for practical settlements, including cross-border ones. Due to its use by many large corporations, banks, and financial institutions, the coin has a high level of trust from long-term investors and as a way to save money.

On this page, you can buy Ripple with cash and a bank card.

Why buy Ripple in Ukraine and how to store it properly

In receiving payments, an important factor is an impossibility to revoke them. Payments in XRP are irrevocable, like most cryptocurrencies. It significantly increases confidence in payment acceptance by sellers of goods and services, as well as the high transaction speed and low commissions. It has a special significance for international payments.

Buying Ripple in Ukraine for long-term investment is a good option because of the absence of the possibility of mining the coin levels out the risk of price manipulation by miners. The maximum supply is 100 billion issued by the issuer immediately upon creation. You can get the coin in only one way – to buy Ripple for hryvnias, dollars, or other crypto and fiat currencies. However, there is an additional option – participation in the scientific development of Ripple Labs to get tokens as a reward.

The same cryptocurrency wallet options are used to store XRP as for other cryptocurrencies:

  • hardware or cold wallets;
  • online wallets – mobile, desktop, and browser-based;
  • stock exchange wallets.

Before you buy Ripple in Kiev, first, study the functionality, reviews, and decide on the type of cryptocurrency wallet: custodial or non-custodial. In the first case, the keys to the wallet are stored with the provider. In the second case, the user is responsible for the safety of the keys and, accordingly, the funds.

Ripple can be bought for hryvnias in two ways – with a bank card and cash.

1 XRP is divided to six decimal places, and these units are called drops. Ripple has high international ratings, and some experts believe it could even become a competitor to the SWIFT payment systеm.

Can I buy Ripple via Privat24?

The fastest and easiest way to buy Ripple is via Privat24 or using a VISA or MasterCard of another Ukrainian bank, for example, Monobank. It is an automatic exchange: the client makes a request, the funds are deducted from the card account, and the service sends the coins to the specified address of the wallet.

To buy Ripple via Privat24, fill in the personal data required for identification in the systеm, sеlect the amount, recheck the correctness of the entered details, and confirm the payment in the banking application.

Where to buy Ripple for cash

We offer optimal conditions for buying cryptocurrencies for Ukrainian hryvnias, U.S. dollars, British pounds, Russian rubles, and Kazakh tenge. To top up your Ripple balance, make a request and follow the instructions you receive in your email or Telegram. Our managers, when necessary, will provide quality advice and conduct the transaction considering the requirements of privacy and confidentiality.

The advantages of Crybex compared to other cryptocurrency exchangers, where you can buy Ripple:

  • multicurrency support;
  • flexible approach of the support service to each client;
  • favorable market rate;
  • transaction speed and maximum automation of actions;
  • simplified registration and verification procedures;
  • fixation of the rate after payment;
  • information about reserves directly on the home page of the website.

How to buy Ripple safely

Our key value is satisfied customers, and the main requirements of our clients are safety, efficiency, and transactions without unnecessary waste of time, nerves, and resources. We have earned a positive business reputation in the Ukrainian and international crypto market as a reliable partner and a stable online and offline cryptocurrency exchanger.

Before you buy Ripple, please, read our terms of use and reviews. Highly qualified personnel assist online and respond to all user inquiries.

If you want to buy Ripple in Kharkov, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Dnepr, Lviv and other Ukrainian cities or abroad, Crybex is the best solution.