Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Tezer (USDT ERC-20)

Exchange rate: 1 BTC = 51333.206022 USDT

min.: 0.14610426 BTC max.: 7.79222712 BTC


min.: 7500 USDT max.: 400000 USDT

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Exchange Rules:

1. All transactions undergo an AML check. More details in AML/KYC regulations.

2. New order is active for 60 minutes; after that, the systеm automatically deletes it. The exchange rate is fixed during the service working hours after receiving the 4-th confirmation in the Bitcoin network. Details — fixing terms. If you have made the payment, but your order has been deleted, please contact the technical support service via a dialog box on the site or in Telegram.

3. The standard time of payment orders is up to 60 minutes; the maximum time of payment is up to 24 hours (during the working hours of the exchanger).

4. The exchanger uses the following cryptocurrency exchanges as a price oracle:,,,, Orders are hedged by market order.

5. More details about the instructions for exchange can be found here.

6. Requests for any changes to the order (details, contact information, etc.) are carried out exclusively by e-mail, which was specified in the order.

Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Tezer (USDT ERC-20)

Further details about Bitcoin (BTC) to Tezer (USDT ERC-20) exchange

Famous for investment, Bitcoin is a highly volatile asset. When the exchange rate jumps up or down sharply, changes can reach tens of thousands of dollars per day. When the rate drops sharply, it is better to fix it in stablecoins – cryptocurrencies secured by traditional assets, such as fiat currencies (USD, EUR, CNY). You must exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Tether (USDT ERC-20).

The most popular in the cryptocurrency community is Tether (USDT). The U.S. dollar backs it, and its exchange rate is $1, but it can deviate from that mark by a few cents. Tether is supported by the founding company’s reserves, whose balance sheet contains not only money but also bank deposits, commercial securities, and tax bills.

Types of Tether tokens:

  • Omni, issued on the Bitcoin blockchain;
  • ERC-20 – tokens on Ethereum;
  • TRC-20 – on the Tron blockchain;
  • EOS, Bitcoin Cash, SLP, Solana, Algorand, OMG Network, etc.

You can apply to exchange BTC to USDT (ERC-20) on this page. To trade other cryptocurrencies, go to the home page and find the necessary coins in the list.

How to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Tether (USDT ERC-20)

Tether tokens of the ERC-20 standard are the most common as of 2021. Its popularity is partly due to the active development of the decentralized finance industry, most of whose projects are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

To exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Tether (USDT ERC-20), follow a simple algorithm:

  • read the terms of use of the service;
  • enter the amount in one of the coins and check the amount offered for conversion;
  • fill in the form with your data;
  • verify the correctness of data entry;
  • tick the checkbox to read the rules;
  • click on the “Exchange” button;
  • click “Go to payment” in the new window and scan the generated QR code.

Pay attention! You can only exchange BTC to USDT (ERC-20) to your Ethereum Blockchain address. Your funds will be lost if you specify a Tether address on Tether or Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum cryptocurrency wallet addresses start with “0x”.

Exchange terms and conditions of Bitcoin (BTC) to Tether (USDT ERC-20) from Crybex

We provide the best conditions on the market for the exchange of BTC to Tether (ERC-20):

  • formed market rate;
  • easy ordering and fast processing;
  • confidentiality;
  • safety is the main principle of operation of the technical team;
  • responsible technical support managers;
  • reliable business reputation.

Buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrency, and exchange BTC to USDT (ERC-20) – these and other functions are available on Crybex. Working with crypto is easy!